Services JOS Provides

  • Enabled to ticket for all Airlines operating in Liberia, and others offline.
  • With our HR Selling Platform, we ticket for more than 250 carriers operating worldwide.
  • GSA – Airlines Representations
  • Arranging tour & excursions packages in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Banjul, Nairobi, etc.
  • Meet & Assist, in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and, Nairobi and East /Southern Africa
  • Vehicle hire and rentals
  • Documentations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cargo/Personal effects handling(Clearing/Forwarding)
  • Hotel bookings & reservations
  • Airlines representation and handling

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JOS pre-finances genuine clients travel; deliver the air tickets before payment. We are also prepared to meet and assist your passengers in the above mentioned countries should the need be, just for a minimum fee. We are also in readiness to handle your needs on a last minute basis and at odd times.