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JOS is a 100% Liberian owned.

JOS TRAVEL & TOURS INC began operations in Liberia in December 2011 and provides numerous travel services, including Air Tickets, Vehicle Rentals, Tours and more. JOS, in order to become viable and a quality service provider, she established affiliations with some of West Africa’s top travel agencies. Jos Travel is an affiliate of many leading Travel agencies in the sub-region.  With this collaboration, JOS is highly placed above all other travel agencies in Liberia. We issue Air Tickets for all of the frequently flown airlines operating worldwide. JOS is the most functional agent in Liberia and serves as a consolidator for many Travel Agencies in Liberia. JOS works at odd hours. JOS is a member of Carlson Wagonlit group: www.carlsonwagonlit.com/en/countries/Lr

Profile of Jos Travel & Tours Inc.

Jos Travel & Tours Incorporated (Inc.) wishes you a very warm welcome!  We hope to make your Liberian experience a memorable one and if you’re not already with us, we hope to see you soon! Jos is the leading travel agency in Liberia and has been at the forefront of constantly introducing new ideas and innovations, making it one of the most recognized and respected travel houses in the region. Our founding principle of warm and welcoming service continues to attract and retain customers.

Jos began operations in Liberia December of 2011 and provides numerous travel services, including but not limited to ticketing, tour packages, and transport services to people in Liberia, specifically in Monrovia and its surrounding cities. In order to become viable and quality service provider, she has established affiliations with some of West Africa’s top travel agencies in the sub-region. With this collaboration, Jos is highly regarded among all other travel agencies in operating in Liberia. With capabilities of issuing all of the frequently flown airlines in the world, she is unique. Jos is the most functional agent in Liberia and serves at consolidator for many Travel Agencies in Liberia.

Headed by Managing Director & CEO Mr. Joseph N. Wamah Sr., the majority shareholder in Jos which is 100% Liberian owned. Mr. Wamah Sr. with his vast aviation edification and experiences has placed JOS as the number one travel agent in Liberia. Jos now serves as a local and regional travel consolidator and Mr. Wamah has to his credit over 34 (thirty-four) years of working experience in the aviation industry.

At Jos, we strongly believe that the potentially vibrant tourism industry of Liberia has the prospect of being a productive, impactful and lucrative one. The tourism industry remains the fastest growing and the largest generator of jobs. It brings in the most foreign exchange only second to petroleum. It serves as the principal export for many developing countries in Africa. It gives rise to rapid infrastructure and superstructure developments alike.

At Jos, we always adhere to the truth and deliver on our promise of providing great services at the lowest rates. We will remain as a customer and market-driven Travel Agency, providing value-added services in Liberia. The Travel industry is one that is rapidly changing with more players and competitors than ever before. We pride ourselves on an exceptional reputation that results from dedication and hard work of our employees and incomparable services.


EML Travel and Tourism
Facing post office
Jdeidet El Metn
T: 01-87838301-878484
P.O.Box: 90-1166
E: info@emltravel.net;

Interguide Air Services

15 Aromire Ave,
Off Allen Round About,
Ikeja, Nigeria
T: +2348082174766
E: info@flyinterguide.net
E: stella.olowo@flyinterguide.net

Sierra Leone HEAD OFFICE :
IPC Travel
21/23 Siaka Stevens Street,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
T: +232 77 7777 74
E: info@ipctravel.com
Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel,
T: +232 77 4444 53
E: sales@ipctravel.com

6eme Avenue de la Republique BP 6394
Conakry, Republique de Guinee
T: +224 631455662
M: +224 664229908
E: lirwane.diallo@gn.hrgworldwide.com
E: ipc@biasy.net

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