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JOS is a 100% Liberian owned.

JOS TRAVEL & TOURS INC begun operations in Liberia in December 2011 and  provides numerous travel services, tours/travel packages to people in Liberia, specifically in Monrovia and its surrounding cities. JOS, in order to become viable and a quality service provider, she established affiliations with some of West Africa’s top travel agencies. JOS Travel is an affiliate of many leading Travel agencies in the sub-region.  With this collaboration, JOS is highly placed above all other travel agencies in Liberia. We are able to issue almost all of the frequently flown airlines in the world. JOS is the most functional agent in Liberia and serves at consolidator for many Travel Agencies in Liberia. JOS works at odd times. JOS is a member of Carlson Walgonlit group: www.carlsonwagonlit.com/en/countries/Lr

JOE Profile

Joseph Ngumbu Wamah Sr:


JOS Travel & Tours Inc was established in 2011, by Mr. Joseph N. Wamah Sr as a majority shareholder. JOS is 100{d4f2ba4a770a8a309351f098a65640a57461505c0124deafed4a830954fba97b} Liberian owned. Mr. Wamah with his vast aviation edification and experiences has placed JOS as the number one Travel agent in Liberia. JOS now serves as a local/regional travel consolidator. Mr. Wamah has to his credit 33 (thirty three years or working experience in the aviation industry. He has served as:


Responsibilities:  Flight departure control – check in passengers and control departure formalities to meet on-time performance. Monitor all outstations operations, check and balance outstations accounts (both revenue and expenditures). Coordinate Schedule planning and fare pricing as well as network planning and new routes negotiations. Coordination of cargo sales for both KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Kenya Airways: cargo acceptance and execution of airway bills. Preparation of sales reports of all kinds.


Responsibilities: Supervise and manage recruitment of employees, motivation, performance and human resource developments.  Handle all legal and governmental related issues. Serve a liaison between top management and principals. Negotiate new business opportunities, branch formation, and monitoring. Create and maintain corporate, local key accounts as well as small-medium enterprises. Deal with travel agencies, motivate them to maximize revenue intake on a two-way level. Representation at principals’ conferences, meetings etc. Conduct sales, marketing, and ticketing training and awareness.


Oversees, maintain and advise CEO on all operations: Administration, operations,      Accounts, sales and market trends. Projects proactive measures aimed at cost-cutting, hence increase revenue. Scrutinize all principals’ queries and respond effectively to maintain corporate objectives and standards.

Regional Manager- was able to open two stations on April 19 Freetown, Sierra Leone and   April 20, 2012 Monrovia for Air France/KLM. Coordinates and uphold operations, marketing and sales trends in both countries. Liaises between Principals and GSA, etc. Ensuring quality compliance, Principal’s On-time performance and remittance settlement, etc. has been very instrumental in coaxing many airlines to ply the Liberian/West African aerospace. He also has to his credit the British Airways General Sales agency.

In 2010 after Opening the Freetown and Monrovia routes for Air France/KLM on April 19 and 20th  (one day after the other, I worked with the company, pushing  sales and gaining market shares until March 2011 when I became the GSA for Airmali. Air Mali was a difficult product knowing their lapses and inconsistancies I still took on the chellenge and made the product sellable and consumable in Liberia, but the operations did not last much with final closure of the company in April 2011.


In the same year, I was also approached by BRITISH AIRWAYS whilst on my regional duty in Freetown. BA request was to find accommodation for its CREW stay either in FNA or Monrovia. Knowing that hotel facilities in Monrovia would be suitable for their crew, I invited them to Monrovia and for sure the RLJ Kendeja Resort located just 45 minutes drive from the Roberts International Airport was such facility being looked for. Due to my compentence and vast knowledge in the sector, I then became their contact person. Indeed you know the procedures and processes, audits a world class carrier as BA puts in place before opening a route, I was pressured by many visitors from LON and the region. Due to my good coordination BA selected us as its GSA in Liberia. The route was finally opened and I served as both the Passenger and cargo GSA. Again, the market moved along with me to BA until August 2014, BA was obliged to pull out because of the DEADLY Ebola virus that ravished Liberia, west Africa and some other Western countries including the great USA, but we still represent BA as offline GSA.


In the year 2014, we hosted Air cote D’ivoire on our office for 3 months as part of their start-up. We handled all their sales (pax and cargo) and as well did their airport operations. Our services went as far as handling their inland ground movements.


Currently, I am a preferred contact person for Emirates Ghana, South African Airways Ghana, Africa World Airlines, and offline GSA for Medview Ailine of Nigeria.


All credits goes to my series of airlines knowledge gained from:

  1. Capturing the Market sales course done on KLM business in Amsterdam in 2008
  2. Series of sales/marketing knowledge acquired from Kenya Airways Pride Center, NBO from 2007 till 2011
  3. And many others that I cannot name because of time and space.

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Lebanon OFFICE:
EML Travel and Tourism
Facing post office
Jdeidet El Metn
T: 01-87838301-878484
P.O.Box: 90-1166
E: info@emltravel.net;

Liberia OFFICE:
Jos Travels and Tours
Ground Floor Kaba Building
Corner of Benson/Mechline Streets
Monrovia, Liberia
T: +231 777 744 400+231 888 240 240
M: +231 886 740 902

21/23 Siaka Stevens Street,
Freetown,Sierra Leone
T: +232 77 7777 74
E: info@ipctravel.com
Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel,
T: +232 77 4444 53
E: sales@ipctravel.com

Guinea OFFICE:
6eme Avenue de la Republique BP 6394
Conakry, Republique de Guinee
T: +224 631455662
M: +224 664229908
E: lirwane.diallo@gn.hrgworldwide.com